Membership Application & Payment

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the IOBC-APRS.

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1. Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to all individuals engaged or interested in biological control.
Discounted fees available for students/unwaged.

Application & Payment   Online application, payment via PayPal (directly or credit card)

2. Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to any institution, including government departments, academies of science, universities, institutes and societies, participating in biological control activities.
Please enquire directly with IOBC-APRS Treasurer.

Update your IOBC-APRS Membership

1. Individual Members

Keep your IOBC-APRS membership details up-to-date: Update

2. Institutional Members

To update details of members from your institute please contact the IOBC-APRS Treasurer.

Renew your IOBC-APRS Membership, payment

To renew your membership, please contact the IOBC-APRS Treasurer.

You will then receive an invoice via PayPal (payment procedure).

1. Individual Members

2. Institutional Members

2a. Members registered under discounted institutional rates, fee according to the institute membership size

2b. Payments for the whole institution

For a single payment to cover the entire membership of a single institution, please contact the IOBC-APRS Treasurer for an e-invoice.