Many links to biological control and IPM activities and to producers of natural enemies can be found in the IOBC Internet Book of Biological Control.

CSIRO Australia Weed Biocontrol:

BIREA (Biocontrol Information Resource for EPA Applicants). A New Zealand website developed within the research program 'Better Border Biosecurity:

BCANZ · Biological Control Agents introduced to New Zealand:

CABI (Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International):

FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: The site lists all the commercially available beneficial insects in Australia and New Zealand

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Cornell University Guide to Natural Enemies in North America:

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Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FuEDEI) in Buenos Aires, Argentina:


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Biological Control of Buddleia by the cleopus weevil


Parasitoids in action



Cotesia larva breaking out of U. lugens