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24th Australasian Plant Pathology Society Conference

20-24 November 2023, National Wine Centre, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

The theme for the conference, "Change and Adaptation", has been chosen to highlight the ever-changing nature of pathogens and the array of emerging technologies being developed to monitor and control disease.


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27th International Congress of Entomology (ICE2024)

27th International Congress of Entomology (ICE2024), 25-30 August 2024, Kyoto, Japan.25-30 August 2024, Kyoto, Japan.

Since the first conference was held in Brussels, Belgium in 1910, it has been held almost every four years, except during the turmoil of World War II. The first congress to be held in Asia, was the 16th ICE in Kyoto, Japan in 1980. It has been decided that the 27th Congress in 2024 will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center, sponsored by the Japan Insect Science Association.


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3rd International Workshop of the IOBC-APRS WG "Predatory Mites as Biological Control Agents" at ICE2024

27th International Congress of Entomology (ICE2024), 25-30 August 2024, Kyoto, Japan.25-30 August 2024, Kyoto, Japan.

We are pleased to announce to re-launch the International Workshop of IOBC-APRS Working Group "Predatory Mites as Biological Control Agents" in the 27th International Congress of Entomology, which will be held in Kyoto, Japan on 25-30 August 2024 (

This workshop was at first organized under the International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control - Asia and Pacific Regional Section (IOBC-APRS) in 2016, and 2nd workshop was held in 2019. This workshop provides opportunities to bring together international students, researchers and pest management practitioners dealing with all aspects of predatory mites and other biological control related fields. The purpose is to promote international communications and collaborations in research and application using predatory mites as well as other fields in biological control, and to promote greater development in natural enemy research and industry worldwide.

We decided to take the opportunity of ICE2024 Kyoto to regain the worldwide communication that was disrupted by the disaster of COVID-19. We are planning to propose three symposia in the name of this workshop. We have already selected some potential speakers, but we still have room for about eight more, so if you plan to attend ICE, please put your name forward as a speaker.
Please name yourself as a speaker if you have a plan to attend the ICE2024 Kyoto. Please provide your name, affiliation, e-mail and tentative talk title to E-mail: by June 6. We are sorry for the short deadline.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.

Organizer: Xuenong Xu (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China), Jiale Lv (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China), and Norihide Hinomoto (Kyoto university, Japan)

More information: Announcement, 02.06.2023 (PDF)

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