Book Announcement:
Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean

Edited by Joop C. van Lenteren, Vanda H.P. Bueno, M. Gabriela Luna and Yelitza C. Colmenarez

Written mainly by IOBC NTRS authors

Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Cover page of the book.Few publications have provided historical detail on biological control of pests, weeds and diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean, and so data has been fragmented until now. By bringing this important information together in this book, a more complete picture is offered of significant developments in biological control on the South American continent and the Caribbean islands. For each country, a wealth of text, tables and references are provided on the history of such projects. With details of successes and failures, this can help in the planning of future biocontrol projects. An overview is provided of the current practical biological control situation in Latin American and Caribbean countries, revealing that an astonishing level is being applied in the region, making it the largest area under biological control worldwide. In conclusion, the book describes new developments and speculates about the future of biological control in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Key features:

The book will be published as hardcopy and as ebook early in 2020.
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